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By: The Defiantscape staff

These rule's are to be enforced by the staff members, if you fail to abide by these rule's you will have action taken against you.
Any of the rules broken can result in any number of punishments. The punishments will be dealt as seen fit by the punishing staff member.


R1. Advertising

Links that are not helpful to the game or redirect to a different game or product are considered advertising. This also includes posting the names of other servers without permission.

R2. Foul Language/Flamming

Foul (Offensive, racist) comments aren't to be said in any shape or form, this also means formulating an argument or replying back to one, if you say something that may be offensive to others then action will be taken against you. However if you say something like a curse word that is aimed at nobody nor can it be taken offensively by the context that you used it in, you are permitted to do so. This includes evading the curse words censor in forums, you can turn it off instead.

R3.Spam or "Useless" Posts

Spam or "Useless posts." This includes inadequate posts such as 'ffffsdfsdfsdf' or the same multiple words after each other. Appropriate comments are to be made and not the opposing.

R4. Excessive Use Of Caps Lock

Using excessive caps lock for gaining attention or other purposes is strictly prohibited, this includes same or different words that consist of caps lock. Three caps lock words after each other are considered an offense and may result in action taken against you, you may either be warned or punished by a staff member.

R5. Disrespect of the staff

You are to respect all staff members equally. If there is excessive disrespect, you will be jailed or banned(forums as well). If you are to say something disrespectful to a staff member in-game, first you will be told to stop, then the staff member will put you in their ignore list and never talk to you again(or give help). But if it continues, and you find a way to keep insulting that staff member, you will be jailed. Any flame of staff in the forums will result in the following:

R6. Demanding of an Unban

Spamming the forums with links of your ban appeal will get you ip banned from the forums as well, period. Using other people to ask for an unban will result in that person getting banned as well.

R6. Banning Without Reason(staff)

Only some administrators are allowed to ban without a reason. Moderators must provide a reason for the ban of a player. Staff abuse will not be tolerated, any moderators caught doing so will be demoted and Ip banned.

R8. Abuse of bugs and glitches

Abusing bugs or glitches is prohibited, and you WILL be punished severely. This includes dupping.

R9. Ban Evasion

Changing your IP address or such so you can play because you were Ip banned will only result in your account being deleted. You must serve your punishment. This also includes the forums.

R10. Pornography, Inappropriate Links or Media

This forum is for all ages. Posting of any inappropriate content is highly prohibited, and is a guaranteed Ip ban. This also covers the giving out of inappropriate links in-game. This also includes public inappropriate talks and such.

R11. Discussion of Ranks

Speaking of anyone's position. Requesting a position other than a staff application. Asking staff to look at their staff applications. Asking why their application was denied or such. Discussing promotions, or who deserves them. Talking about a staff member's effectiveness other than staff feedback. Making polls to see if you deserve staff or a promotion, or asking other's views on how your doing. This includes asking for staff in any way.

R12. Requesting or Giving Out Personal Information

Requesting someone's personal information or Ip address.

R13. Staff Impersonation

Pretending to be staff or making others believe you are staff. If someone claims to be staff, and does not have a pip(forums) or crown in-game, put them in your ignore list, and report them immediately. You will be banned if caught doing so.

R14. Macroing/Cheating

Use of cheating engines or programs to gain ANY advantage in-game. Your account will be deleted if caught macroing.

R15. Scamming

Lying about the price of an item and selling it is against the rules. Logging out between trades causing other player to lose their traded items. Using any tricks to avoid paying the actual price of the item or stealing a player's items in any way using the trade system.

The rules are to be enforced everywhere within the site and server.

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