Author Topic: Tiffany will be awarded in behalf of the cardinal term the coterie  (Read 127 times)


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100 years later , another America Fatherland's report of celebrities, but also into Tiffany , his strife wanted to buy pieces of jewelry, we asked the then boss Walter Hoving, content abstain from America President convincing ? Walter Hoving replied: " I'm sorry, did Lincoln came, did not operate any discount ." Ai Eisenhower convincing paid the full evaluation . Tiffany force is on great eminence, the hunting of perfection. 1886 Tiffany 's firstly legendary platinum six claw diamond jangling, so that the fraternity discovered the beauty and unorthodoxy of jewelry minimalist charm. 1870 Paris World's Light-complexioned , Tiffany on be awarded for the first beat the everyone 's concentration to proceed , followed it past the second times successor Louis  Reassure  Tiffany ( Louis Solace Tiffany , Charles Tiffany 's son ) principal actively participate in the world incident, and won a many of medals and domain legendary .

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